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WaterLink est le colloque annuel de Water Alliance. La 5e édition de WaterLink aura lieu le 26 janvier 2017.

When and Where?
 Thursday 26th January 2017
 WTC Expo Center Leeuwarden, Capital of Water Technology, the Netherlands.
 Address: Heliconweg 52, 8914 AT Leeuwarden
 If you want to stay at the WTC Westcord hotel, you can make a reservation by clicking this link.

Programme WaterLink 

10:30 Opening exhibition floor, registration and WaterMatch
 11:30 Lunch break
 12:30 Plenary session
 15:15 Visit exhibition floor, WaterMatch and coffee break
 16:00-17:30 Eight interactive theme sessions
 18:00 Toast and dinner
 20:00 End of WaterLink 2017
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Eight interactive theme sessions

You can choose from the following sessions:
 1. Energy & Water: Challenges and oppurtunities.
 2. Cyanobacteria threats in fresh surface water bodies.
 3. Real time monitoring and smart sensors for water quality control.
 4. New definitions for Industrial Water Reuse.
 5. How to go global by using smart marketing & communication strategies.
 6. Accelerating Resource Recovery from the water cycle for a circular economy.
 7. Festivals, pilot for water innovations.
 8. Closing the water cycle in the agri-business.
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water link 2017

  • Evènement
    1. Le 26/01/2017
  • Leeuwarden (Pays-Bas)

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