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The Water Test Network project will establish a transnational network of testing facilities which can be used by SMEs in North West Europe to test, demonstrate and develop new products for the water sector. In this way, new innovations will be developed and it will accelerate the time to market.

The transnational network of testing facilities will offer operational demonstration sites with a range of water types in rural and urban settings. These will be accessible to SMEs anywhere in North West Europe to assist them in developing products that are market- ready and linked to key sector needs.

The Water Test Network will work closely with the SMEs, offering them an integrated package of support and linking them to the best possible facility for their needs. Innovation Support Vouchers will be tailored to the needs of the SMEs and guarantee a certain level of fully-funded support.


Sludge production is inherent to wastewater treatment. An improvement in the sludge process can substantially benefit the operational expenditures at a treatment site. Improving the percentage of solids in sludge can reduce the costs of storage and transportation. 


The Water Test Network is looking for SME’s who can help us improve the sludge process; whether this is in the thickening of sludge, sludge digestion, dewatering or in the disposal/transportation of the sludge. You will be in a position to showcase your innovative technology in a real test environment. This is a full scale municipal wastewater treatment plant producing sludge on a continuous basis. The innovation must result in an improved % dry matter of sludge or must reduce the resource usage in terms of energy, chemicals, etc.


• Access to a full scale municipal wastewater treatment plant: to choose between Scottish Water in Bo’ness (Scotland), Regional Water Authority Vallei and Veluwe in Apeldoorn (the Netherlands) and Wetterskip Fryslân in Leeuwarden (the Netherlands).

• Test support in terms of operator, electricity, analytical support, health & safety.

• Unique opportunity to showcase your technology to potential buyers: interested stakeholders (e.g.

water utilities) will be invited to visit the test location and to follow up the test results.

• Free ticket for the Amsterdam International Water Week/Aquatech Amsterdam (5-8 November


• Visibility for your technology on the Water Test Network booth at the Amsterdam International

Water Week/Aquatech Amsterdam (5-8 November 2019).


SME’s in the North West European region can apply by submitting an application form no later than 13 May 2019 at 12 pm. The application procedure for the innovation challenge follows the general innovation vouchers application procedure. More information and application documents can be found here (see innovation support vouchers webpage).



• For questions contact our project manager Ruth McNeil:

WaterTestNetwork@scottishwater.co.uk or +44 7827 95 66 43

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