Pôle EAU attended the Water Summit event organized by our American partner The Water Council, June 14-15 2016.


Water Summit 2016


Thanks to the partnership agreement signed in 2014 with the cluster The Water Council based in Milwaukee, USA, two Pôle EAU’s company members: Helio Pur Technologies and Odyssée Environnement, were welcomed in the Water Council’s incubator BREW (²Business Research Entrepreneurship in Wisconsin²) which helps startups to develop their technology, put their product on the market and succeed in the American market. 

During the Water Summit ceremony, the cluster promoted and rewarded 14 startups having an innovative technology in the water sector, among which, Helio Pur Technologies and Odyssée Environnement technologies.

Heliopur Watersummit 2016

Hélio Pur Technologies - Water Summit 2016


Water Summit 2016


Dean Hamhaus - Water Summit 2016 Milwaukee

Dean Hamhaus 2016

Dean Hamhaus - Water Summit 2016

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  • 06/07/2016


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